Established in September 2011 by Anthony Hughes, Birmingham Screen Image Network set out to: –



a) Address the gap left when the Red Rex (Regional Education & Exhibition) Network also chaired and administered by Anthony, finally folded with the demise of Screen WM.

b) Set a new approach much more aimed at industry practitioners and act as an independent network for those who worked in and outside of the previous focus on education, though the network is closely aligned with the TEE/ BCU Film Production Graduate course delivered at Millennium point and the events are supported and hosted by Dave Taylor and Michael Bickerton at BCU.

c) Act, where appropriate, as a representative body to the local screen & image practitioners in addressing key issues. These may be to focus on industry skills & training, inwards investment and local strategy or as a lobbying group for a wide range of other issues.

Building on the successful track record that Birmingham Music Network has developed for over 10 years, Anthony, also a co-founding director, worked closely with the BCU staff to ensure that both networks were delivered in the same location and act as a feeder to the wider Creative Networks


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